Use these questions to help guide yourself through the day

I wrote these questions to remind me of the wisdom that I know. Feel free to use these questions for yourself as well as the images designed by my friend Madeleine: Questions to guide yourself through the day

Learning and growing

  1. What am I curious about? What will I try to learn?
  2. Do I have a struggle in my life right now that I am ready to reflect upon and consider what I’ve learned?
  3. What is unclear to me? How will I hold space to find my path?
  4. Who will I come across today that wants to learn from me? How can I generously and unassumingly offer my wisdom?
  5. What I am enthusiastic about?
  6. What am I afraid of? How can I find refuge? Or, how can I face my fear?
  7. What am I grateful for?
  8. What can I forgive of myself, or others?
  9. What am I facing that is uncomfortable but noble? How can I face my discomfort?


  1. Who will I see who can do nothing for me? How can I treat them well?
  2. Who will I see that will inspire me to be loving, kind, and generous? How can I contribute to their well-being?
  3. What opportunities do I have that are not afforded to others because of race, gender, species, class, sexual orientation, nationality, ability, or other category? How can I use those opportunities to benefit somebody who does not have them?


  1. When can I take a break, and smell, touch, look, listen, and carefully observe my surroundings? Observe 20 items using any sense to ground myself in presence.
  2. How can I connect to nature today?
  3. When will I focus my time and attention on a single, important task?

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