Our Wellness And Liberation (OWL) Retreat

I’m excited to announce I’m co-planning a retreat for animal advocates this June! It will be held June 28-30 at the Metta Meditation Center in Janesville, Minnesota. See more on the website, and sign up to receive an email when the registration opens!

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  1. Alexandra Rivera
    Alexandra Rivera says:

    I had bookmarked a so called “apology/admission of guilt” on your website/Facebook but it looks like you have removed it since. You may want to listen to this clip and reflect on how hurtful and self-centered your apology or admission of guilt was: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/674/get-a-spine/act-one-3

    It bothers me that someone with such a low-self awareness is getting into healing and wellness.

    • unny
      unny says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Alexandra. I listened to the podcast you’ve linked to and I appreciate its message.

      Regarding my self-awareness, my intent is to approach wellness as a peer learner. I recognize that I want to learn and grow in many ways, certainly including self-awareness. In my wellness work, I hope to have other folks teach and learn with me, too.

      I’m learning more about being accountable to others on a personal level. I’m also learning how to express the process I’m going through, and I’m messing up in order to learn.

      I’m also learning how to express the process I’m going through, and I know that as I do this, I will probably make mistakes. Through these mistakes I intend to further my learning so I can become even more self-aware. Through my public expression of the process, I hope to inspire others to do important self-reflective work.


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