Donor Training!

On Thursday, May 16, I will be co-facilitating a Donor Meetings one-to-one training! Follow the link to register. Here’s why you’ll want to come:

One-on-one meetings are an essential tool in fundraising. Asking for money at an in-person meeting is incredibly effective, and getting to know your donors through one-on-one meetings is one of the most rewarding parts of individual giving.

This is one of a few things I am doing for work since leaving CTUL last week. I enjoy fundraising tremendously and helping other folks raise money — especially in ways that develop meaningful relationships. So doing this training made a lot of sense! Plus Leah Olm, who asked me to do this, is an incredibly talented nonprofit leader.

Eventually I want to get some work in wellness. I’d like to learn more how to help people be physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and socially healthy, and bring what I learn into social justice movements, especially for animals. I don’t know what that will look like for work, and I hope to explore that in the coming months.

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