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I’m doing a triathlon!

On Saturday, August 31, I will be doing the Hopkins Royal Triathlon for the second time. I have a goal: 20. That’s not a time goal, it’s a participation goal: I want 20 people to either join me in the triathlon or watch me do it!

This is the second time I’ve done the triathlon. It’s really meaningful to me if you can support me by being present and cheering for me. Please also invite friends, family, and vague acquaintances to watch. 😃

After the race, there will be free food and everybody is welcome to eat the food. There will be vegan options. The race starts at 8:30 am and I’ll finish by 10:30 am. You can either leave then or you can stay and celebrate for a while.

If instead you’d like to join me and do the triathlon with me, you’re welcome to! Here are the details of the triathlon.

I felt inspired to do a full triathlon again after doing a biking leg of a triathlon in 2018. That experience was difficult for me. I noticed how I have aged and how I am slower than before. I was lamenting what I have not done with my life. I felt a deep sadness.

After that experience, I recognized that I could choose, again and again, to embrace life, possibility, and vitality. I decided that completing a second full triathlon (sprint distance, mind you) could be a good opportunity to feel alive and appreciate what I can accomplish. My birthday is in October, but think of this as my birthday celebration!

I appreciate any way you can contribute and support me! I look forward to the triathlon!


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