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New Job!

I started a new job as a part time Fundraising Strategist for GiveMN!

Photo of Unny

I will be coaching organizations on fundraising, and facilitating fundraising trainings. I’m really excited to do this work! Since May, I have co-facilitated trainings with GiveMN sporadically and it has been incredibly fun and interesting! I’m glad I have the opportunity to continue to do this work on a more regular basis.

I enjoy helping small and medium sized nonprofits grow and develop meaningful relationships with their donors. Facilitating classes and coaching inspires curiosity in me. As I teach and coach, I learn more about fundraising and also nonprofits in Minnesota. I’ve had and will continue to have opportunities to engage with the nonprofit sector on social issues that I care about.

I will continue my other jobs, including BiteSquad and Seed Cafe. And I may have time for other work in 2020.

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  1. Ben
    Ben says:

    Hi Unny,

    Sounds like a great experience so far with your new job. Just wanted to say this is a great site! A very welcoming way to connect with you online.

    Ben Linzmeier


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