Unny as a baby

My birthday

October 20 is my birthday, and my dad’s, too. I will be visiting Rooster Redemption with my family to celebrate. Can you make a donation to support rescued birds?

Additionally, I invite you to do some other acts. I hope these things can benefit you, me, and everybody. Consider doing any of the following:

  • make eye contact and smile at each person you pass
  • show/tell yourself you love yourself
  • take a moment to close your eyes, hands on your body, and breathe
  • tell someone you love them and why you appreciate their being
  • ask for help when you need it
  • dance!
  • release tension with a big sigh/loud noise
  • learn something new
  • create abundance through sharing whatever gift arises in the moment
  • initiate a consensual hug
  • celebrate the gift of your life

Thanks to Cedar Ranney for many of the suggestions above.

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