Life Update Feb 2021

Life update February 2021

What I’m doing now, as of February, 2021

Here is a non-comprehensive list of some of the activities I’ve been up to.


  • I am planning one local and one national/international of virtual retreats with Our Wellness and Liberation, probably in February of 2021.
  • I attend a virtual/national/international meditation group for animal advocates and coordinate accountability buddies
  • I am enjoying serving on the Board of Directors of Encompass. I was actively fundraising in November and December of 2020.
  • I attend and participate in conversations and events around equity and wellness in animal advocacy
  • I am attending the Animal Justice Academy


  • I continue to do work with my Mens’ Collaborative Accountability Group, where we learn about being healthier, just, and loving men and people.
  • I have been working on a few different minor medical issues, including sleep issues and minor ankle pain.
  • I have been going to talk therapy weekly. That has been going very well!
  • I have started practicing and learning Re-evaluation Counseling.
  • I enjoy regular walks, runs, cross country skiing and biking both solo and with a friend. I have also gone sledding and ice skating.
  • I got certified in First Aid/CPR



  • I am currently unemployed
  • I am not looking for ongoing work, but I may take on side / contract / temporary work
  • I am determining my career direction. I have a career counselor and am starting to check in with a regular accountability buddy
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  1. Joel Hodroff
    Joel Hodroff says:

    Unny, congratulations and best of luck in your important transition, I’m sure you will master everything coming up just as you have in the past.

    I have 15 years of experience with Reevaluation Counseling, and it was a cornerstone in figuring out my win-win economic model. Of course, I had to round it out with additional modalities for emotional growth and healing and spirituality and mixed-in my own journeys in business and activism. I would love to grab a Mall walk and/or a meal and have a nice long chat about that, as well as catching up.

    I had Covid in the fall, and now I am full of antibodies. I helped AmyLeo move up to Lutsen with help from her friend Pam Longfellow. I visited ALB another time with my doctor friend Bill Manahan. Let me know if you need my contact information for scheduling.

    • unny
      unny says:

      Thanks so much, Joel. I appreciate your wishes and trust. Not a surprise that you have experience with Reevaluation Counseling, too! Great to hear it benefited you. I’ll follow up with you about getting together!


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