Preventing pandemics and work

Back in February I decided to take some time off work to think about my career. I haven’t actively searched for work, but I found some anyway! Phoenix Zones Initiative was too good of an opportunity to pass.

I’m doing just a little bit of temporary contract fundraising work for them, helping to create some infrastructure. It’s the kind of work that I like to do — working with new and/or small nonprofits with their individual donor fundraising.

They make structural change to improve the lives of human and nonhuman animals. That’s pretty abstract. However, there’s a concrete example of the intertwined nature of our human and animal health that we’ve all been grappling with over the last year: the pandemic. And here’s a chance to learn more! On May 1, Phoenix Zones Initiative will be hosting an event, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.

I’m also doing a little work for the campaign of my friend Aaron Zellhoefer, who is running for the Board of Estimation and Taxation. He’s the right kind of person for the job — he’s very detail-oriented and technical. His values align with mine, as he has progressive values including advocating for animals.

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