Are you looking at the end of this year and thinking, ‘Wow, this is horrible?’ Or, ‘I need more hope in my life?’ or even, ‘What great things are happening right now?’ I’m here for you! May I suggest that you donate to one of the following nonprofits?

  1. Encompass. I serve on the Board of Directors of Encompass. This year I participated in the Executive Development Cohort for BIPGM (Black, Indigenous, and People of the Global Majority) and my essay was published in a book, Antiracism in Animal Advocacy. It’s been a powerful experience for me, connecting with like-minded folks and charting a new path for the animal protection movement that takes human justice seriously
  2. Sky Without Limits. Did you know that I am a fundraising consultant? Apparently I am. And I get to raise funds for this incredible project, a low-income BIPOC led housing cooperative. After years of struggle with a landlord, the residents took control of their housing units in South Minneapolis. We need funds so they can truly own it, and build housing that is just, affordable, and dignified.
  3. Minneapolis Climate Action. Another group I’m working for. We’re developing solar in partnership with BIPOC-led nonprofits and businesses. What I love about this work is how it’s very local and very tangible.

There are many organizations worth giving to. Please write in the comments other groups you recommend!

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