Thank you for coming to read this! I want to share about myself with openness and honesty so you have a sense of who I am, and if you’d like to meet me. I’ll try to be open about what’s true to my heart, and also provide some practical aspects of my life that will help you decide if we have enough alignment to meet in person and consider a romantic connection. I have found that embracing my vulnerability creates more authentic connections, wherever they may lead.

For many years I would first and foremost identify myself as an animal activist, a bicycle commuter, a child of immigrants from India. All of these things are true. But stripping away these identities and looking at the core of who I am has led me to understand that I am the consciousness that is experiencing these identities. This lesson has been important in my quest to find peace and be humble. It hasn’t lessened my focus on living in a way that best exemplifies creating justice and living sustainably, but it has helped me gain perspective.

I have lived most of my 43 years in the Twin Cities area and currently reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota on occupied Dakota land. I have been married before, once, long ago. I would be happy to tell you more about that time of my life if you are interested to know more. My material wealth feels very comfortable and secure, but also pretty simple. I have an incredible community of friends and activists in Minneapolis that I have been cultivating my whole adult life.

I have long desired to find a partner who shares many of my core values and would also like to be a parent, whether via adoption, as a stepparent or co-parent, or by birth. Foremost of these values is my belief about animals, that our society’s anthropocentric direction is profoundly mistaken. I am called to live in a way that treats each animal as an autonomous individual whose life, suffering, and joy are important. I am vegan, and this is a fundamental part of my lifestyle.

Some more practical things about me:

  • I do not smoke, drink, or use drugs
  • I identify as cisgender and heterosexual
  • I seek a monogamous relationship
  • I variously identify as Hindu, spiritual, or secular

Somethings I really like doing:

  • Singing, often while biking
  • Spending time outside, all year round
  • Deepening my empathy and understanding of interpersonal and institutional oppression, and how to lovingly organize resistance
  • Cooking with and for friends. I like healthy, flavorful, pragmatic foods
  • Free form dancing!
  • Playing with small children. We can learn so much from them!
  • Learning by experience, followed by study and reflection
  • Meditation
  • Meeting people and developing meaningful relationships
  • Taking myself way too seriously with all this meditation, reflection, and empathizing!  

Here is a snapshot of a few of my favorite experiences from 2018:

  • Taking a solo bike trip to Bunker Hills Regional Park in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis and biking to a family camping trip at Frontenac State Park near Red Wing
  • Organizing a Wellness Day for Animal Advocates event that included meditation, massage, journaling, and more activities to help develop compassion and sustainability in animal advocates
  • Swimming in Lake Nokomis a couple dozen times
  • Raising money for a workers’ rights group by meeting with donors, planning large fundraisers, and empowering volunteers (this is my job)
  • Regularly cooking large amounts of vegan food from scratch to share at potlucks, with or for coworkers and friends, and to have food to sustain me every day

I find that everybody I interact with changes me, so I hope to meet you if we think we can help each other grow! Here are some of the things I am looking for:

  • I am looking for somebody who shares my values, or perhaps finds them inspirational. My lifestyle and my values are intricately intertwined.
  • I like people whose values and lifestyle are inspirational to me. I appreciate seeing different ways similar values are manifested.
  • I am drawn to people who are able to be gentle when they are faced with vulnerability and are compassionate when it is hard. These are ways I strive to live, though I stumble just like everyone else.
  • I like people who take things slowly.

You can see more pictures of me on Instagram.

If this sounds compelling to you and you are interested in meeting me, please contact me and tell me a little bit about yourself and we can get tea. I am happy to answer any questions that would help you feel comfortable in meeting me.