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Preventing pandemics and work

Back in February I decided to take some time off work to think about my career. I haven’t actively searched for work, but I found some anyway! Phoenix Zones Initiative was too good of an opportunity to pass. I’m doing just a little bit of temporary contract fundraising work for them, helping to create some […]


I was inspired by Lead for Minnesota to talk about the ‘mistakes’ I have made and what I have learned, both to reflect upon my own behavior and try to live differently going forward as well as demonstrating vulnerability for others to learn. One of the biggest ‘mistakes’* was my inattentiveness to relationships at the […]

Life update February 2021

What I’m doing now, as of February, 2021 Here is a non-comprehensive list of some of the activities I’ve been up to. Organizing I am planning one local and one national/international of virtual retreats with Our Wellness and Liberation, probably in February of 2021. I attend a virtual/national/international meditation group for animal advocates and coordinate accountability […]

Interview with Hope for the Animals

I was recently interviewed on Hope for the Animals! I talk about my story of how I got involved, what we need in future animal advocacy conferences, what I’m hopeful for, and much more. I also talked to Hope about the Our Wellness and Liberation (OWL) retreats that I’m co-hosting next month (February, 2021). These […]

Our Wellness and Liberation Virtual Meditation Retreats

I am organizing two virtual meditation retreats for animal advocates. The first one, on February 20, is the local retreat for folks in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area. The second one, for folks anywhere, is on February 27. Here’s a description of the retreats: During the winter of 2020-2021, we may experience ongoing suffering, anxiety, […]

My thoughts about activism and wellness

I was recently interviewed by Carly on her podcast, Consciously Clueless! Please take a listen. I have so much in common with Carly and it was great to have such an easy conversation about so many things I like to talk about. I talk about my life, spirituality, social change, and why I do what […]

In Memory of Kenny Feldman

In 2013, I helped organize a concert in memory of Kenny Feldman at Twin Cities Veg Fest. Here’s what I wrote about Kenny and the concert: I’m pleased to have worked with Carole and Stan Feldman to present the Twin Cities Veg Fest concert in memory of Kenny Feldman. Kenny was a close friend of […]

How My Cultural Identity Informs My Animal Advocacy

In this essay, I reflect on my experiences as an activist of color in a white-led, Western-focused animal liberation movement. My critical essay gives insight into the limitations of white-focused spaces through reflections on my Indian roots and their influence on his activist work and emphasizes the importance of funding and supporting activist leaders of the […]

Great Conference Presentations

What’s the best way to structure a conference presentation? I champion facilitated workshops that engage people with different learning styles. Introduction I previously wrote about how to make the Animal Rights National Conference more effective. In that blog post, I tried to include every suggestion I thought the Animal Rights National Conference could improve! Some […]