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Our Wellness And Liberation (OWL) Retreat

I’m excited to announce I’m co-planning a retreat for animal advocates this June! It will be held June 28-30 at the Metta Meditation Center in Janesville, Minnesota. See more on the website, and sign up to receive an email when the registration opens!

Festival and fasting

Earlier this month at Twin Cities Veg Fest Dave Rolsky, Matt Mackall, and I were awarded the Kenny Feldman Animal Advocate Award. We are co-founders of Compassionate Action for Animals, the organization that hosts the festival. Kenny was a good friend of mine and was the inspiration for my involvement in social justice. He cared […]

Thoughts About the Animal Rights National Conference 2018

I attended the Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles, California a few weeks back. I have attended this conference several times, starting in 2007. Here were some of the highlights for me: In previous conferences I had responsibilities such as staffing and managing a table in the exhibit hall, speaking (I gave presentations about how to plan a […]

Wellness Day for Animal Advocates Recap

On Sunday, March 4, 2018, I hosted a Wellness Day for Animal Advocates at the People’s Movement Center in Minneapolis. Inspiration There were two inspirations to create this event: A year after advocating for animals, I decided to devote my life to this cause. I sensed that it would take a lifetime to make significant changes […]

Unny’s participation in animal advocacy

I am looking forward to attending the Animal Rights National Conference this week! At around this time last year, it became clear that I didn’t have the clarity I needed to start a new animal advocacy organization. And I have not taken an ongoing leadership position in the movement since leaving Compassionate Action for Animals […]

India Trip 2017

I went to India for two months starting in January, 2017. My priorities were to relax and visit family and friends. It was a success! Here are a few thoughts and pictures of my trip. I didn’t take many photos, as I find that taking pictures interrupts the flow of what is happening. And what […]