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Festival and fasting

Earlier this month at Twin Cities Veg Fest Dave Rolsky, Matt Mackall, and I were awarded the Kenny Feldman Animal Advocate Award. We are co-founders of Compassionate Action for Animals, the organization that hosts the festival. Kenny was a good friend of mine and was the inspiration for my involvement in social justice. He cared […]

Thoughts About the Animal Rights National Conference 2018

I attended the Animal Rights National Conference in Los Angeles, California a few weeks back. I have attended this conference several times, starting in 2007. Here were some of the highlights for me: In previous conferences I had responsibilities such as staffing and managing a table in the exhibit hall, speaking (I gave presentations about how to plan a […]

Wellness Day for Animal Advocates Recap

On Sunday, March 4, 2018, I hosted a Wellness Day for Animal Advocates at the People’s Movement Center in Minneapolis. Inspiration There were two inspirations to create this event: A year after advocating for animals, I decided to devote my life to this cause. I sensed that it would take a lifetime to make significant changes […]

Unny’s participation in animal advocacy

I am looking forward to attending the Animal Rights National Conference this week! At around this time last year, it became clear that I didn’t have the clarity I needed to start a new animal advocacy organization. And I have not taken an ongoing leadership position in the movement since leaving Compassionate Action for Animals […]

India Trip 2017

I went to India for two months starting in January, 2017. My priorities were to relax and visit family and friends. It was a success! Here are a few thoughts and pictures of my trip. I didn’t take many photos, as I find that taking pictures interrupts the flow of what is happening. And what […]

Unny’s next steps in animal advocacy

I recorded a podcast about my next steps in animal advocacy, and below is the transcript. Unny: Hi! My name is Unny Nambudiripad, and I’m here to talk about my next steps in animal advocacy. I am here with Julie Knopp. Julie, do you want to say a few things about yourself? Julie: First of […]