Unny and Parvathy in Kerala India. We hadn’t seen each other since 1978!

What I’m doing now, as of January, 2023

Wellness and Social

  • I continue to go to talk therapy every week.
  • I enjoy regular running, biking (for transportation), ice skating and and cross country skiing. I plan on training for a triathlon this year with other BIPOC triathletes
  • I went to England and India in November and December. I connected with activists in England, as well as a couple of relatives, and family in India. My trip to India was delayed and that was challenging! (And a story for another post). Overall the trip was great.

Learning and Growing

  • I continue to be a farmed animal advocate mentor and will continue that
  • Attempting various online dating here and there, happy to meet women

Community and Activism

  • I continue to serve on the board of my townhome association.
  • I plan on attending the Animal and Vegan Advocacy Summit in July of 2023 in Los Angeles. Please join me!


  • I am fundraising for United Renters for Justice. This has been very fulfilling and meaningful. I appreciate how the organization faces adversity with empathy and transformation. It’s challenging to find the time in my life to get this work done.
  • I normally do bike delivery for Brake Bread. We are on hiatus from bicycle delivery for January – March, 2022, so I won’t be riding during this time
  • I have another nonprofit contract jobs.
  • I see a career counselor regularly and talk to a career development buddy regularly as well.

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