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Baker Park Reserve Sign

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Fall colors in Maple Plain, Minnesota


Nice park near the city

Bike Ride

Trails take you a bunch of the way there.


Pretty average campground

Why I would go again

  • Nice variety from the other places I go to.

Why I would not go again

  • Other places like Carver are nicer rides and offer scenic campgrounds.


Ok, so this story isn’t really just about Baker Park. But for a number of years of course I imagined doing the amphibious multimodal transportation duality: bike then canoe! And finally I gathered the equipment to do so. I had purchased a folding bike and borrowed another from a friend, along with a borrowed canoe and trailer. My friend and I rode to Baker Park, camped, and the next day continued to bike to the Crow River. We folded our bikes up, put them in the canoe, and paddled downstream! We were going to do that for one day, camp, then continue to where the river converged with the Mississippi, canoe some more, then get out and bike home! But we paddled for about 10 minutes, then capsized! Our bikes are still at the bottom of the river, sadly. I  called my dad and we got a ride home. Check out the cautionary language in this blog post with a picture of me with the canoe — the picture was taken before the adventure, but by the time they published it, I had already sunk the bikes.