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Sen on a tree at Carvery Park Reserve

Sen on a tree at Carvery Park Reserve, photo by Fred Tyler


Bike Ride

This is one of the best campgrounds to bike to because you can go almost entirely on trails! The Greenway and Kennilworth Corridor trails cover the first portion, and the Lake Minnetonka LRT trails brings you into the park. At thirty miles, it is a short ride. This is a place I go when I have limited time or I am going with new people. As I write this in January of 2020, construction has led to closure of part of the trails.


Great campground and big park with lots of rolling hills and lakes! I haven’t tried it yet, but they now have a bike-only site that is non-reservable. The camping fee is just $10/night and they have room for up to 10 tents.

Why I would go again

  • It’s close!
  • The ride is mostly on trails!

Why I would not go again

  • I’ve been here several times, and I like variety! 🙂


Weather, it happens. One day I awoke to rainy-and-50-degrees out, and I called the three other people I was riding with to ask if we should cancel. And they all wanted to go! So we biked out to Carver Park Reserve. The ride can be almost entirely on a crushed limestone trail. However, my friends’ bikes with thin tires and lots of weight tend to sink in. So we had to ride on the road a bunch, which worked out fine anyway. We camped one night, and slowly everything we had was getting wet, so we rode home the next day and cut our trip short. It rained the entire trip, except for the last hour! Nonetheless, it was enjoyable.