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Bike Ride

This is one of the best campgrounds to bike to because you can go almost entirely on trails! The Greenway and Kennilworth Corridor trails cover the first portion, and the Lake Minnetonka LRT trails brings you into the park. At thirty miles, it is a short ride. This is a place I go when I have limited time or I am going with new people. As I write this in January of 2020, construction has led to closure of part of the trails.


Great campground and big park with lots of rolling hills and lakes!

Why I would go again

  • It’s close!
  • The ride is mostly on trails!

Why I would not go again

  • I’ve been here several times, and I like variety! 🙂


My friend Julie and I biked here on a very hot day! We heard there was a nice river and gentle waterfall to visit, and when we checked in the park staff warned us to be careful because the waterfall area is slippery and dangerous. Julie’s dad is a retired Emergency Room doctor and has given Julie endless warnings about dangerous things. Julie and I try to be cautious. 

When we got to the waterfall, we were so surprised to see how much risk people were taking! It was incredibly difficult to walk across the shallow river because how slippery it was…and we saw somebody carrying a toddler while barely able to stay upright. We saw people jumping off parts of the falls into shallow water and rocks where a small fall could be painful. So you ask: but did anybody get hurt? Yes! We saw and heard a 10 year old kid screaming after he apparently scraped himself on the rocks. It was nice to cool off, but if you go there, please be more careful than most of the people there!