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Here’s a view of the St. Croix River in Interstate from the WI bank. Public Domain


Another beautiful campground along the St. Croix! This is the only one on the Wisconsin side that I have been to.

Bike Ride

Taking the Gateway State Trail is a nice start, but it’s hard to avoid the incredibly busy Minnesota Highway 95 to get to the campground. But avoid it if you can, because it’s unpleasant.


It’s nice; I don’t remember much. 🙂

Why I would go again

  • Like almost every campground along the St. Croix River, it’s beautiful!

Why I would not go again


In 2008, I biked here with two friends and my friend’s 2 year old son, Frankie. We were on our way to St. Croix State Park, where we would spend a few days. Frankie enjoyed riding in the trailer so much! He never tired of it. I was concerned about safety because of the heavy traffic on the route, but his mom was pretty chill about it. Once we got to the campsite, the riders were tired but Frankie had lots of energy. His mom watched over him where my other friend and I setup camp and made dinner. It was nice to divide labor that way (though I would be curious to hear how Frankie’s mom felt about the division of labor, as I know that women disproportionately work harder because they do so much more domestic work).