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Lake Elmo Park Reserve. Photo courtesy of Margaret Levin.


A pleasant campground, Lake Elmo is a simple park.

Bike Ride

It’s a bunch of side roads to get there, and they’re not particularly busy.


Why I would go again

  • It’s one of the closest places to the Twin Cities, and it’s a big park

Why I would not go again

  • Last I checked, there’s a firing range nearby and it’s loud

Story: [Context: Kara is my ex and you is yours truly, Unny. Fred is my loyal touring buddy]

From Kari Rudd:

For Lake Elmo, I remember riding my super heavy turquoise Columbia Firebolt cruiser from Cathedral Hill in St. Paul to your place in Minneapolis, because I was going to borrow Kara’s bike. But, when I got there, it turns out that because I am even shorter than Kara, her bike was too big for me and I couldn’t ride it! So I biked back through St. Paul with you and Fred, on my cruiser, and all the way to Lake Elmo! When we got there I think I might have put some firewood in the basket. It was very cute. That was a really fun trip. I know we had some dumb joke we kept repeating the whole time but I cannot remember what it was. And then on the way back I think we all went to my place and made soup or something.