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Photo by Vasanth Rajkumar. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


Splendid park close to the Twin Cities!

Bike Ride

I ride along the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) and then on rural roads. The MRT sounds a little nicer than it is — it’s not a river front nonmotorized trail entirely; mostly it’s on nearby roads. But it’s nice nonetheless, sometimes with shoulders or close enough to see the river. The rural roads are pretty low traffic.


This park is worth it. So beautiful and magnificent.

Why I would go again

  • It’s a beautiful park and not far from Minneapolis

Why I would not go again

  • There are some other parks that have a nicer ride


I have often organized people for work and in my spare time. This involves many meetings, phone calls, in-person conversations and so much networking, relationship-building, negotiating, and cultivating. I enjoy it, but I can get lost in it. So it’s nice to take a break and be alone for a bit and remember, deep within, what my direction and purpose is in life. Solo camping serves this well! And my approach is: bike, turn off the phone, camp, and see what happens. So I rode to Lake Maria State Park (surprisingly pronounced ‘Mariah’). And I ran into a friend there! So what am I to do? On the one hand, I want to experience solitude, on the other, seeing what happened led me to see this friend. So we chatted for a while and I was glad to catch up. She was there for a day trip, so I still had plenty of time for myself and was able to unwind.