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South Group Site
Photo by Rae Hermeier


Lake Rebecca only has group sites. So get a crowd and come here

Bike Ride

The Luce Line Trail takes you pretty close, but some of the final miles are no fun: lots of car traffic and not much of shoulder. Highway 12/Babcock Road is one to avoid.


I stayed at the South Group campsite, and it was large and excellent. It had its own toilets, water, free wood with the site, a building for eating or storing food, and a lot of nicely mowed grass.

We hiked through a tiny portion of the extensive hiking trails. Really great stuff.

Why I would go again

  • It’s pretty close
  • Lots of miles to hike and explore.

Why I would not go again

  • Part of the ride was pretty bad.


I enjoy swimming immensely, but the park website said the beach was closed because of E. coli contamination. I was there on a hot weekend, and sad that I couldn’t swim. However, Parkers Lake in Plymouth is on the way and I swam in that lake on the way there and on the way back!

After I left, somebody from my group said they went to the beach and it was open! That was a surprise. I’m happy that I got some swimming in elsewhere, anyway.