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These are the Hidden Falls on Prairie Creek during a heavy spring flow in Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. Photo by McGhiever, Wikimedia Commons license.


Pleasant park just south of Northfield.

Bike Ride

Not particularly pretty but it works fine! There are roads that are not busy to take there.


Unny to edit.

Why I would go again

  • Nearby
  • Nice wooded areas

Why I would not go again

  • There are nicer rides and parks that are close by


I don’t recall having heard of cops being called on me ever while on a tour. This time it happened twice!

This was one of the most difficult tours I have done, but not because of the police (thankfully, that went fine). The weather was mostly between 35 and 55 degrees with a mild-to-moderate rain. And there was a very strong headwind on the way back. 

During the full day at the park, it rained nonstop. It was cold, and I was mostly getting wet, though my tent was adequately dry and my sleeping bag was cozy. I hiked for hours and didn’t see a single person! I appreciate the solitude. I went to the park building, which was closed at the time, but saw an acquaintance, Emily, who was happy to let me in and warm up and stay dry for a few hours! The rest of the evening I spent in my tent doing nothing (boredom! I so rarely experience this as an adult) or at the picnic shelter running a fire and attempting to dry my mittens. 

And oh, the ride back — I pushed so hard to achieve 3 miles per hour against the winds. My mittens were still a little wet and my hands became so numb I lost most of my control. I eventually warmed them up, ate plenty of food, and rode the 50+ miles in 12 hours, completely exhausted. I took naps on the side of the road twice, amazingly able to doze off despite that it was 40 degrees out and I didn’t bother to get out my warm sleeping bag. And that’s when the cops were called, perhaps partly out of concern for me, partly out of fear of me? Can a napping brown man appear to be a threat? I guess so. Both times I had pleasant and short conversations with the police officers and was on my way.