Unny and Jonathan
Unny and Jonathan at Patapsco Valley State Park in Maryland. We went for a trail run in this beautiful park in October!

What I’m doing now, as of November, 2022

Wellness and Social

  • I continue to go to talk therapy every week.
  • I enjoy regular running, biking (for transportation) and and swimming. I did a half marathon for the second time and the Hopkins Royal Triathlon for the fourth time. I was very excited about the latter and have since connected with vegan triathletes and BIPOC triathletes
  • I will be traveling to England and India in November and December. I’ll be connecting with activists in England, as well as a couple of relatives, and family in India.

Learning and Growing

Community and Activism


  • I am fundraising for United Renters for Justice. This has been very fulfilling and meaningful. I appreciate how the organization faces adversity with empathy and transformation. It’s challenging to find the time in my life to get this work done.
  • I do bike delivery for Brake Bread. I enjoy spending time outside and I feel like I have gotten better at this work.
  • I have another nonprofit contract jobs.
  • I went to Washington DC area for the Animal and Vegan Advocacy Summit and visit some family. The summit was fantastic! I was so glad to reconnect with the animal protection movement. I served as an advisor and had a small staff role at the conference.
  • I see a career counselor regularly and talk to a career development buddy regularly as well.

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