I build capacity for nonprofits, including raising funds and recruiting and training volunteer leaders. I develop earnest relationships with stakeholders to advance missions.

Career Highlights

  • I founded a highly successful nonprofit, Compassionate Action for Animals. I led fundraising efforts that grew the budget from $10,000 in 2005 to $150,000 in 2016. I developed long lasting relationships with major donors and created communication including websites, blogs, and social media to convey accomplishments.
  • I have recruited and trained thousands of volunteers across several organizations. I am energized by cultivating deep relationships with volunteer leaders and helping them grow. I have mentored volunteers who have served on event planning committees, joined boards of directors, and become outreach coordinators.
  • I have planned hundreds of events including banquets, meetings, festivals, and community events. I co-founded Twin Cities Veg Fest and helped grow the attendance from 1,200 in the first year to 4,000 by the fifth. My responsibilities focused on obtaining sponsorships, conducting media interviews, facilitating logistics, and coordinating the volunteer planning committee.
  • I balance lofty ideals with pragmatic logistics. I execute missions effectively by spending the right amount of time on reflecting on a mission and the right amount of time implementing programs.
  • I have managed an office, personnel, legal issues, and budgets for a broad variety of nonprofit organizations. I am comfortable learning and using new technologies and balance using technology that is sophisticated and powerful but also within the ability of the users.



University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1998, B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Computer Science